Greetings Brethren:

The Temple is really shaping up.  We started the month with a Temple clean up and repair day.  The Bethel, DeMolay, Eastern Star, and many Brethren pitched in to clear out the storage and the kitchen areas, make repairs and paint in the Lodge room, and clean anything that was not moving.   Pictures from the day’s work are posted on the Lodge website.   Special thanks to Bros David Harrison, Brutus Cooper, Chris Pendleton, Rob Martin, Brian Coleman, Rob Worthington, Howie Snowdon, Bennett Corrado, Eric LeHew, and Jim Dietzel for your time and energy supporting this effort.   Thank you to the OES for the new blinds in the Social Hall and Bailey room.  We are not done quite yet.  In the Lodge room, plans are underway to repair and paint the ceiling damage caused by an AC leak and to repair the wall cracks started by the 2011 earthquake.

Herndon May2018 TB

2018 Trestleboards

Herndon Apr2018 TB
Herndon Mar2018 TB
Herndon Feb2018 TB
Herndon Jan2018 TB


2017 Trestleboards

Herndon – Dec17 TB
Herndon – Nov17 TB
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2016 Trestleboards

Herndon – Dec16TB
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Herndon – Oct16TB

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