Greetings Brethren –

September will bring a wide variety of choices where you can participate and be active in Lodge activities.  We will start the month off with a great fun event open to families at Medieval Times.  Get your tickets now before they sell out!  The 6th will be Treadwell’s annual Lodge of Low Vale at the Long Branch Estate.  Bring a chair, a jacket, and flashlight to enjoy the fellowship and the meeting.  On the 8th, we will be supporting the American Diabetes Association’s Tour DeCure.  Please contact me to support this important community event.  The 15th is the Ed Ray Area School.  The EA Degree is to be dissected and the meaning behind the degree will be discussed.   The 17th is our Stated.  Dinner at 6:30, Gavel down at 7:30.  The District 2 picnic will be in Lovettsville on the 22nd.  Details to follow.  And, to close out the month, Hiram Lodge will be celebrating their 250th anniversary on the 29th.  There are plenty other items on the calendar that I did not touch upon.  Lots to do.  I hope you each will be participating in one manner or another.

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