Brethren –

October is now in our rear view mirror and 2018 is rushing to an end. What happened this past month? Plenty! Brother Jim Dietzel arranged an outing at Bad Axe Throwing. An unusual sport to say the least, but those that went had a terrific time. A visit was made to Metropolitan Lodge 161 in Leesburg. Wonderful fellowship and an opportunity to hear different ritual was much enjoyed. For our Stated, chef Brother Justin Matthews prepared an outstanding meal to nourish us. Most Worshipful James Litten (2016) was our keynote speaker and provided with a Founders Day talk that included some Herndon Lodge history.
We held a Called Communication to confer the Entered Apprentice Degree and heard an EA catechism return. We will need to schedule this Brother for his FellowCraft Degree this month. Several Brothers sojourned north to join some 300+ Brothers – including PA Grand Master Eugene Herritt – on the Gettysburg Battlefield for a Master Mason Degree. The month was closed out with the Leesburg Halloween Parade where we joined with the Brethren from District 2 to be “Stonecutters”.

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