Spring Clean Up | April 7

The weather kept us indoors, but plenty of hard work was done to clean up and repair items around the Lodge.   Thanks go out to the Jobies, DeMolay and Eastern Star for their support.   Also to Brothers Bennett Corrado, Brutus Cooper, Chris Pendleton, David Harrison, Rob Martin, David Twigg, Rob Worthington, Jim Dietzel, Eric LeHew, and WO Harrison for their time, energy, and dedication to the Lodge.






Spring is in the air.   One day soon the cold will break, the flowers will bloom, and the sun will warm us all.

To prepare for that, plan to to help on April 7 for the Temple clean up day.    The Town will hold its pick up everything the following week so this provides us a grand opportunity to clean out, refresh, and renew.

Some have already started.   The Eastern Star has replaced the curtains (hung in the Fellowship Hall in 1987) with new blinds.  Thank you very much for this change!     





Brother Rob Martin has taken charge of his area – cleaning and organizing the Tyler’s position.   He even shined up the door knocker!  





Bro David Harrison replaced the failed light at near the sidewalk – bringing light thru Masonry!
Crews will be working on the 7th both inside and outside the Lodge.   Please come to lend a hand.

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