In 1902, Lambskin aprons cost $.65 each. Masonic Banquets. were $.60 each and Dues were $3.00. On November 4, 1907, the cost to move the Lodge was $.50.

On November 24, 1915, Herndon placed its first cornerstone at the M. E. Church South, presided by Rt. Wor. G. T. Mankin.

On March 22, 1917, the Walker Building caught fire and was ablaze when Wor. E. E. Gillette, then Secretary of the Lodge, with no care for himself, saved the charter and minutes.

In 1918, the Lodge Room was empty due to WWI. The Wor. Master and all of the officers were at war.

In 1919, it was voted to amend the bylaws and raise the dues from $3.00 to $5.00. In 1926, it was raised from $5.00 to $7.00.