Dues in 1960 were $12.00 and hopes of a permanent home were still on everyone's mind. On March 3, 1969, a resolution for the purchase of a church was read in Lodge. On April 7, 1969, $15,500.00 was to be paid for St. Timothy's Church. On the same night, Bro. James LeRoy Jackson was presented at the Altar and examined on the catechism of the Master Mason's Degree by Bro. Edwin Stewart. On March 24, 1969, Stanley B. Hanes, Dudley Page, and Richard R. Saunders, trustees for the church, sold the land to the Trustees of Herndon Masonic Temple No. 264.

The Lodge needed $10,000.00 to close the deal on St. Timothy's.

"We purchased this building at a cost of $16,000.00. It was necessary that we pay this amount in full at the time of settlement. One of our Good Brethren who wishes to remain unnamed at present, loaned us $10,000.00 in order to make that settlement".

This is a small part of the Building Committee Report given August 4, 1969, read by Alvin L. Shaffer.

The First Communication in the current Temple was held on August 4, 1969. On November 29, 1971, Most Wor. Charles F. Shuler and his officers conducted the Dedication Ceremony.

Alvin Louis Shaffer, Master of Herndon Lodge in 1958 and Haymarket Lodge No. 313, 1959, DDGM in 1963, served as Secretary since 1959 except in 1969 when he served as Chairman of the Building Committee. He was summoned by the Supreme Architect on December 18, 1969. He was District Educational Officer at the time.

A new age in the Craft. Brother Walter Harrison was made temporary Secretary in 1969 and served as Secretary of Herndon Lodge until 2007 when he stepped down, having served 37 consecutive years as Lodge Secretary.