From our Blood Coordinator

Brother, I need your help.
Our Lodge is hosting an American Red Cross Blood Drive on Friday, July 27, from 1 pm to 6 pm. We have many slots to fill with appointments. In the past we have had members of the lodge volunteer to donate, and have also received donations from “walk-ins” who have seen our sign, the posters around town, or the Bloodmobile. Combined, we alway just barely make the minimum target number of donations.

As usual, I have spoken in our Stated Meeting about the upcoming drive, and now I need your involvement. I know that there are many of us that can’t donate themselves for a multitude of reasons. And I know that work schedules get in the way as well. But do you think that you could help me recruit some donors? If each of us could get  a friend, a family member, or co-worker to consider donating, we would be able to fill up the schedule and make our goal, which is 40 donations.

We all know how donating blood is a good thing. Another good thing would be helping Herndon Lodge and the American Red Cross reach the goal for this blood drive. Please, see if you can help us fill out the schedule!

Sign-up is easy, just go to “” and put in the sponsor keyword “HerndonMasons”. Or email me at
Rob Martin
Blood Coordinator, Herndon Lodge 264

Blood Drive, Saturday November 13

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Herndon Lodge 264 and Ashburn Sterling Lodge 288 will be hosting our next blood drive on Saturday, November 13th, starting at 8:00 am to 12:30pm. We would like to invite you to make an appointment and come and donate blood with us on that day.

The blood supply is always very low in our area, and hospitals and blood banks have to turn to volunteers in the community to help meet that need. Blood cannot be manufactured. There is no such thing as artificial blood. Maybe off in the future there might be, but right now the only way to answer the need for blood is if someone is willing to be generous enough to volunteer to give it. I am hoping that it might be YOU.

But more than that, I am asking you to consider making donating blood a regular thing in your life, like getting a dental checkup or getting the car inspected. There is no action more loving and generous in nature, more humble, or more anonymous, than donating blood.

Remember, you can make your own appointment for the next drive by visiting, click on "Schedule an Appointment" and use sponsor code 7438.

This is our last blood drive of the year, and we have had three successful drives. Inova Blood Donor Services is pleased with how well we have done this year, and is very grateful for our support. The blood we donate goes to all the hospitals in the area, not just Inova's. Their blood bank answers the need wherever it exists.

Remember, a single pint of blood that you donate has the potential to save 3 lives. Please volunteer to donate on November 13th.

Here is a flyer with details

Child ID and Blood Drive, In the News

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Child ID and Blood Drive, In the News

Take a look a page 10 of this week’s Herndon Connection. The Lodge is mentioned for last weekend’s Blood Drive and Child ID. A big thank you to everyone that donated. Keep up the great work Bros. Martin and Tagg!