From our Blood Coordinator

Brother, I need your help.
Our Lodge is hosting an American Red Cross Blood Drive on Friday, July 27, from 1 pm to 6 pm. We have many slots to fill with appointments. In the past we have had members of the lodge volunteer to donate, and have also received donations from “walk-ins” who have seen our sign, the posters around town, or the Bloodmobile. Combined, we alway just barely make the minimum target number of donations.

As usual, I have spoken in our Stated Meeting about the upcoming drive, and now I need your involvement. I know that there are many of us that can’t donate themselves for a multitude of reasons. And I know that work schedules get in the way as well. But do you think that you could help me recruit some donors? If each of us could get  a friend, a family member, or co-worker to consider donating, we would be able to fill up the schedule and make our goal, which is 40 donations.

We all know how donating blood is a good thing. Another good thing would be helping Herndon Lodge and the American Red Cross reach the goal for this blood drive. Please, see if you can help us fill out the schedule!

Sign-up is easy, just go to “” and put in the sponsor keyword “HerndonMasons”. Or email me at
Rob Martin
Blood Coordinator, Herndon Lodge 264

July 27 Blood Drive

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July 27 Blood Drive

Thanks to the hard work and diligence of Brother Rob Martin, Herndon Lodge and the Red Cross were able to bring in 33 potential donors with 25 units of blood collected during the drive.  A special THANK YOU to all those that attended!

The Red Cross Team

Processing the needed

Donors providing a life saving resource



 Herndon and Freedom Lodges are hosting a Blood Drive on Friday July 27 from 1 to 6pm.   See the flyer for details.   Please register in advance so we may have the proper resources on hand to handle your generous donation of life.

July Blood Drive

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July Blood Drive

THANK YOU! to all of those that donated and to those that might have been turned away.

Worshipful David King tapping a vein

Thank you to all of our   Super Heroes!

Brother Rob manning the Command Center







Herndon Lodge and Freedom Lodge are co-hosting a 3rd Blood Drive this year on Saturday, July 29 from 8a to 1p.

Please consider signing up to donate. And if you can’t donate, please recommend our Drive to your family members, friends and co-workers.   Giving blood is a generous, selfless, and beneficial thing to do for the community, and will help to ensure that an adequate supply of blood is available for the victims of accidents, patients needing to undergo lifesaving operations, and patients of all ages who depend on transfusion to survive.

Blood has to be there on the shelf ready to use if a disaster, an emergency surgery, or other unforeseen crisis occurs. It takes days of processing of donated blood in order to make it ready to use, and the only way to keep the blood supply ready is to donate whenever you can. Organizations like ours are huge help in the effort to ensure that the blood supply is maintained.

You can visit and use sponsor code 7438 and make an appointment yourself, or you can call me at 703-655-4655 and I will make an appointment for you.

We have had good success in our past blood drives, but the need never diminishes. We need volunteer donors now. Please consider being one of them!

When you participate you will be giving something that can’t be manufactured artificially in the lab, and might mean the difference between life and death for someone!!

Bro. Rob Martin
Blood Coordinator


Blood Drive on September 7

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Blood Drive on September 7

Herndon Lodge is co-hosting a Blood Drive on September 7 to be held at Henry Lodge.   Your help is needed in support of this life saving venture.   Appointments are available from 10 until 3 that day.

How can you assist?

  • Help at the registration table the day of the Drive
  • Spread the word and recruit others to donate!

Our goal is a lofty one – 50 pints of blood to be collected.   INOVA is scheduled to have their “double red” equipment on site so you can donate 2 pints at once!  

Henry Lodge also will be hosting their community BBQ that same day (see flyer attached).  Come to donate, stay for the fellowship and a hotdog.



Blood Drive-March 3

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Blood Drive-March 3


I had a conversation with the Inova Blood Donor coordinator on Thursday, during which she explained to me that in accordance with a new policy recently put in place, we must provide absolute written commitment on the part of 32 donors minimum in order to bring a Bloodmobile to our lodge for a blood drive.

In 2011, our lodge conducted 3 blood drives and although the participation in the first one on February 19th barely achieved the needed participation, the succeeding ones did not. On the July 23rd drive, Inova only received 23 donations and on October 15th only 17 were received.

We love to see “walk-ins” during our blood drives, but we cannot guarantee to Inova that there will BE walk-ins. Their fiscal requirements are such that they have to make receive a set number of donations in order to justify the expense in equipment and staffing and break even on the Bloodmobiles they send out.

Given these cold facts, I would like a show of “e-hands” letting me know if you will be able to donate in our upcoming March 3rd Blood Drive. These would include you, your family members, or friends who will definitely donate on that day.

Please email me if you can make such a commitment, and if you are brining family members or friends, how many.

If we cannot come up with the needed count of 32 donors, Inova cannot send the Bloodmobile out to us. They receive excellent participation when large organizations like the Washington Capitols, WTOP Radio, and the Washington Nationals sponsor drives, but small drives like ours cost them money if we cannot provide the return they need.

We have to be realistic about our support of the blood program. If we cannot turn out the donations for a blood drive, then we will have to turn our support to donations made at the donor centers in our region. Regular donors are the backbone of the blood program. If you can make regular donations a part of your routine (every 8 weeks for whole blood) you will be supporting one of the most worthy and necessary programs in our area. Also, your donations at the donor centers count in the quarterly totals we report to The Grand Lodge of Virginia.

 Please email me by March 16th if you can commit to donating blood on March 3rd.

Thanks for supporting your Lodge Blood Program!

Counting down to our Blood Drive

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Counting down to our Blood Drive

One week until our final blood drive of the year, and we still have a great need for volunteer donors for next Saturday, October 15th.

We are moving into fall, and we are beginning to see the change of season in the leaves and feel it in the crisp mornings. Please remember that we enjoy these because we have our health, and that there are those in our community who by reason of injury or devastating illness cannot look forward to fall or enjoy the wonder of the seasons.

We can help them by giving of ourselves by offering donations of a pint of blood. We help a victim of trauma, cancer, or other severely ill patients. They can be little children, expectant mothers; they can be the people you see each day.

It is so important that we support the ready blood supply. Only volunteer donors can do this. It is our duty to help where we can.

Please sign up to donate. If you can’t donate, please encourage family members and coworkers to come and donate. It is quick, only an hour or so out of your day, but it could mean a lifetime to someone.

You can visit and use sponsor code 7438 and make an appointment yourself, or you can call me at 703-655-4655 or email me at and I will make an appointment for you. If you aren’t sure you can donate and don’t want to register, please come to the Lodge and be a “walk-in” appointment!

Please come and donate blood next Saturday.

Blood Drive: October 15

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Blood Drive: October 15


We are coming up on our last blood drive of 2011. We started the year with a strong showing, but our previous blood drive, held in July was less than what we had hoped it would be. Summer is tough on blood drives, and it was on ours, too!

Our next Blood Drive will be held on October 15th, and again we will pitching-in with our Brothers from Ashburn-Sterling Lodge 288. We are hoping for a good strong showing this time. Please put this event on your calendar and plan to come and donate a pint of blood. We welcome brethren, family, friends and walk-ins, and hope this drive will be success that we all hope for.

Remember, this is the most generous kind of donation you can give, the gift of life and hope. Blood cannot be manufactured; it must come from generous donors like us.

You can make your life-saving appointment by visiting, click Donate Blood and use Sponsor Code 7438.

Help your lodge, your family, your community and yourself by helping to maintain the blood supply. Please plan to come and participate in our Blood Drive on October 15!

July 30th Blood Drive

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July 30th Blood Drive


We are moving into that part of the year where rest and relaxation becomes a focus of our attention. Planning vacations and anticipating the “away” time is almost as much fun as actually taking a well-earned rest. We love to take time off. And with the kind of economy we are in and the year we have had, we have more than earned it.

Accidents and illness never take time off though, and because of that there is always the need for a continuous supply of donated blood. Our local blood banks depend upon blood drives and volunteer donors to meet that need. When volunteers don’t come, the needs become critical very quickly. Locally, blood banks seldom have more than a single day’s supply on hand. In the event of a catastrophic accident, that supply would be quickly consumed.

Volunteer blood donors literally all that stand between life and death for accident victims, surgical cases, and people with people with blood diseases. Your donation may actually save a life in our community.

I am also hoping that you will consider becoming a regular blood donor, either whole blood or Automated Blood Collection (ABC) through INOVA I will have information available at the next blood drive.

Our next blood drive is coming up on July 30 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Once again we will be working with Ashburn-Sterling Lodge 288. I am hoping that you will consider signing up to donate with us on that day. You can make and appointment by going to, click on Schedule an Appointment, and use sponsor code 7438. You can also email and let me know you want an appointment!

Thank you for your supporting our blood drive.

A letter from INOVA Blood Donor Services

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We just received this letter from INOVA Blood Donor Services. Kudos to Rob Martin and everyone who has helped out with the recent successful Herndon Lodge No. 264 Blood Drive!

Emergency Nationwide Appeal for Blood Donors

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Emergency Nationwide Appeal for Blood Donors

THIS TERRIBLE WINTER has created a blood shortage so deep that the American Red Cross has had to issue an emergency nationwide appeal for blood donations. This has  not happened since 2004.

Because of the intense winter storms, more than 14,000 blood and platelet donations have been cancelled in last month. Even though several blood banks operate in our region, and many serve others regions throughout the country, all blood donated, regardless of where it was donated, is sent where the needs are. What is needed right now is a response to this crisis, as the winter continues.

We as Masons can help alleviate this extreme situation, and encourage our families and friends to help too, by signing up and planning to donate in our next Blood Drive, which is scheduled for February 19 from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.

At present we have many open appointment slots. We really need your help in making this blood drive a success, and to help meet this looming crisis.

Please consider donation on February 19th?

You can make your own appointment by going to: and using Sponsor Code 7438. You can also call me at 703-655-4655, or email me and I will make the appointment for you.

Remember: only 38% of the population of this country are eligible to donate blood, and of that pool, only 5% actually do. And every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.

It is really up to us. Please sign up and donate on February 19th.

Blood Drive: February 19th 2011

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Blood Drive: February 19th 2011

Please mark your calendars for February 19 when we have the Inova Bloodmobile at the Herndon Lodge from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.

We will be co-hosting our blood drives this year with our Brethren from Ashburn-Sterling 288, and hope to fill up the appointment slots as quickly as possible.

Walk-ins are also welcome, as always! It has been our experience that there are always some who are not sure whether or not they will be available to donate on Blood Drive Day, and so don’t want to schedule an appointment they have to miss. We understand, and are assured by the Inova Bloodmobile folks that as long as we have donors, they will stay on-site and they will not turn anyone away!

On November 13, we had 38 registered donors, which is an excellent turnout. We are always hoping to be our previous numbers, so please consider signing-up or walking in, and encourage family members and friends to come along and donate, too!

These blood drives are an excellent way to perform a wonderful service to our lodge and to our community. Giving blood is a generous, selfless, and beneficial thing to do, and will help to ensure that an adequate supply of blood is available for the victims of accidents, patients needing to undergo lifesaving operations, and patients of all ages who depend on transfusion to survive. Donating is safe and quick, and the gift of blood helps your community and your neighbors.

Visit, click on “Schedule an Appointment” and use sponsor 7438. You can also call me for an appointment at 703-655-4655, or email me at

Please help us make this next blood drive the success it should be! Lives in our community depend on it.