December Trestleboard

As I write this final Trestleboard as Master of this Lodge for the year, I reminded of the emotions I felt a twelve months ago: we were in the middle of a global pandemic, the future of our meetings were uncertain, limitations on the amount of people allowed in gatherings were being implemented, my pending installation was in jeopardy of being cancelled, and the entire membership of the Lodge was looking to me for leadership. To be honest, I felt a little overwhelmed. I wanted to do the Lodge and the membership well in my year. Was I ready for this? Could I lead the Lodge in this time of confusion and chaos? With hesitation in my mind, I took the East. Now, in reflection, I can say I was ready. I did know what I was doing, despite my hesitations. And, as many Past Masters said, it would, it took me until October to realize that. I want to share what I learned this year as a person, and as a Mason.

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