November Trestleboard


I purposefully held off on this edition of the Trestleboard until after the Grand Lodge of Virginia Meeting was held the weekend of November 5 and 6, 2021 in Richmond.  I wanted to take some time to give a Masonic “thank you” to outgoing 2020-2021 DDGM RW J. David King for a job well done, and a “congratulations and welcome” to our 2022 DDGM RW Bennett J. Corrado, Sr. for District 2!  Well done Right Worshipfuls on your service to your respected Lodges and the District as whole.  We look forward to seeing RW King “in retirement” as DDGM and to RW Corrado on his leadership in the coming Masonic Year.  A further summary of the Grand Lodge meeting will be sent out shortly once issued by the Grand Secretary.  One important item to note: Herndon Lodge was one of 25 Lodges awarded the 2020-2021 Hillman Award at the Grand Lodge Session!  Congratulations are to be shared with Worshipful Brother Howie Snowdon for his leadership last year as this was a two-year effort to win the Hillman due to the pandemic shutdown.  Well done Brethren!

Read the full Trestleboard HERE

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