July Trestleboard
Brethren –
Being a history teacher, the Fourth of July has special meaning for me; I get to share my love of history and Americanism with my students and studying the American Revolution and Early Republic Periods with my students is always one of my favorite topics. The opportunities to discuss some of our Founding Fathers (and for us as Masons, Brothers) is always a guilty pleasure of mine knowing the connections I have to such famous men of history. I hope you too take some time to consider the significance of America’s Independence Day as we celebrate our one hundred and forty-fifty birthday! That is the topic of our Masonic Education Article this month: Masonry and Independence Day and comes to us from the 1924 Short Talk Bulletin. It is an extensive evaluation of Masonic values considering Independence Day immediately after World War I, and despite being published nearly 100 years ago, it still resonates with Masons today. I hope you enjoy.

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