A Christmas Carol

Proving that not all fellowship is conducted at the Lodge, a contingent of Herndon, Freedom, and Treadwell Brothers and family travelled to Gettysburg to take in a production of “A Christmas Carol” presented by the Totem Pole Players.   This outstanding production of the play saw Ebenezer Scrooge redeemed of his inhospitable and miserly ways to come to the comfort and aid of his fellow human beings.   Afer the show, the travelling crew then called off to refreshment at the Dobbin House Tavern where the fellowship continued in grand fashion resplendent with toasts to the group and to the season.

Merry Christmas from Herndon Lodge !!

Exterior stage setting

Interior stage setting

Cast encore

Brother Jim keeping a close eye on the Ghost of Christmas Future

Scrooge joins the travellers

Scrooge with us again

Dinner at the Dobbin House Tavern

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