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I would like to thank everyone who helped put together and who attended our recent Officer Installation. It was an excellent event and I am very grateful for the work of the installation team, officers, proxies, and the Jobies who assisted. I’m looking forward to a great upcoming Masonic year with all our new officers and am humbled by the opportunity to serve the lodge in this capacity.

We had a very busy and rewarding 2016 and I hope that everyone has been able to take some time to enjoy the holidays and spend some time with your families.

We’ll be starting off the new year with the official visit from the DDGM, our very own Rt. Wor. Rhey Solomon, at our first stated in January. I invite everyone to come out and support Rhey and to hear the Grand Master’s message.

Wor. Jon Ruark will be presenting a great program on the circumpunct at our second stated meeting this month.

I was also planning on voting on the change to our by-laws, switching to one stated meeting a month, at our second stated in January but have decided to postpone this. I want everyone to see the exact wording of the proposal well in advance to voting. You will find the text below and now have the chance to read the proposed change and take a month to considerate it.

Finally, I wish everyone a happy New Year and hope to see you all on January 2nd!


Proposed Changes to Herndon Lodge By-Laws

Effective in 2017 when approved by the Grand Lodge

Article l
The stated communications of this Lodge shall be held in the Masonic Temple located at 820 Elden Street (corner of Grace and Elden streets), Herndon, Virginia on the Third Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. o’clock, except in December, when the stated communication shall be held on the First Monday at 7:30 p.m.


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