Brother Ambassadors,

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that this year is the 125th Anniversary of the Masonic Home of Virginia!
Let us all remember to share this, with our lodges, and appendant body memberships!
Kindly encourage them to donate $125 to honor and support the 125th Anniversary of The Masonic Home of Virginia. Donations can even be directed to the Outreach Program if desired.
The 125th Anniversary Award is a perfect opportunity to get appendant bodies involved in supporting the home, with a lump sum credit for the group.
Please discuss the 125th Anniversary, making a $125 donation, and earning the 125th Anniversary Award, with the Valleys, Chapters, Commanderies, Courts, Teocallis, Temples, Clubs, Units, and other Masonic groups you may be part of, encouraging their support.
Thanks for all you do….Together we are making a difference!
Committee On Masonic Home Ambassadors

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