Greetings Brethren …

Thanks to everyone for the large turnout to welcome Right Worshipful Edward Allen Wade on his Official Visit to Herndon Lodge.  RW Wade brought greetings from our 170th Grand Master of Masons of the Common Wealth of Virginia in the name of Most Worshipful Reese Edward Carrol, Jr. his theme this year “Together, We can Make a Difference”.

When we look around our Lodges today some are having success in all areas while others are struggling to keep the doors open.  We need to share ideas of what is working to improve all of our Lodges.  We have many challenges facing us in Freemasonry and it will take each and every one of us to make a difference, but Most Worshipful and I are convinced that together, we can make a difference.

His Emblem Is the American Flag and Square and Compasses which are on his lapel pin and I have one for each and everyone here tonight that have not received one.  For more than two hundred years, the American flag has been the symbol of our nation’s strength and unity.  It’s been a source of pride and inspiration for millions of citizens.  And the American Flag has been a prominent icon in our nation’s history.  Most Worshipful feels we, as Freemasons, have a special connection to the Flag of this Great Country and we should especially be proud in the way in which we Pledge Allegiance to our Flag.  For many years in our history as Masons, we presented the Flag at the Alter where it was saluted accordingly, and when properly performed it is a very impressive ceremony.  When participating in this ceremony, one cannot help feel the connection to our Brethren who have, who are, and who will, as Freemasons, defend her at all cost.  As we recognize our Veterans throughout the year and the many Freemasons who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in her honor. 

A copy of RW Wade’s full remarks is attached in the Electronic Version

Since our last Trestleboard …

  • Join me in welcoming William Clerkin, our youngest Entered Apprentice, initiated at out Second Stated meeting.
  • The District 4 Directory is available for download at
  • Rachel Babbitt, daughter of Bro. Gary Babbitt and granddaughter of RW Bro Doug Jordan, was installed as Honored Queen of Bethel 52.  Congratulations to all.
  • Dues notices have been sent.  Please take a moment to attend to this.


Coming this Month …

  • In conformance with the Methodical Digest, sections 1.86 and 1.87, our District will make a recommendation to the Grand Lodge for the 2017 District Deputy Grand Master from District No. 4.  In line with the agreed upon process in District No. 4, a rotation system has been used for these nominations.  This year, the nomination for 2017 falls to Herndon Lodge.  The nomination and concurrence of other lodges within District No. 4 must be submitted to the Grand Lodge before May 1.  In order for our Lodge to make this nomination in a timely manner, we will make our selection for nomination at our first stated meeting in February.  I encourage all Master Masons of Herndon Lodge to review the qualifications for and duties of the District Deputy Grand Master contained in sections 1.87 and 1.93 of the Methodical Digest prior to our discussions and nomination.
  • RW Bro. W. O. Harrison will deliver a presentation on the history of Herndon Lodge.
  • Bethel 52 will be providing dinner for us at our First Stated Meeting in February.  All proceeds from the dinner will go to support the Bethel.
  • District School at Acacia Lodge 18 February.  Class will cover the FC Degree with Catechism, Receive in East, and Balloting.
  • The Beehive Club will meet 16 February at 6:30 pm with presentations on EA Biblical verses, EA working tools, and the cable tow.


And Coming Soon …

  • Calling all Past and Present Associate Bethel Guardians and Chapter Chairmen.  Come out to the First Stated Meting in March to recognize your service and enjoy a presentation by Bethel 52 on what Jobies think a Masonic meeting is like.
  • Herndon Chapter #55 Order of the Eastern Star Open Installation of Officers, Saturday, March 14, at 1 p.m. at Sharon Lodge.
  • CA Sinclair School 27 – 28 March.  Herndon will exemplify the second half of the Fellowcraft degree.

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