Greetings Brethren …

On behalf of the newly installed Officers and myself, I hope everyone is enjoying happy and healthy holidays and we look forward to a happy and productive new year.

As I mentioned at Warden’s night last November, I take note of the symbolism of the Rough and Perfect Ashlars, representing the journey to improve ourselves and the world around us.  It’s not where you start or where you end up that counts: what counts is the continued attempt to move toward improvement.  Notably in the Lodge, the Master is situated between the Ashlars, which in my view represents his responsibility to keep the journey moving.  So in keeping with that I anticipate some healthy discussions in the coming year.  I encourage all to participate.

As for the finer points of Trestleboard writing.  We’ll call this my Rough Ashlar with an eye towards improvement.

Since our last Trestleboard …

  • New Officers are installed.  Thanks to everyone who came out to mark the occasion.
  • Our new Junior Deacon has a new future Mason!  Join me in congratulating Rob Shields on the birth of his second son.
  • Speaking of congratulations, Ms Kate Coella, Honored Queen of Bethel 52 (and daughter of Brother Jacob Yates) was crowned Ms Virginia Jobs Daughter, receiving the crown from Kathleen Jo Garcia, also of Bethel 52.
  • Dues notices have been sent.  Please take a moment to attend to this.

Coming this Month …

Our DDGM, RW Edward Allen Wade, will make his official visit to Herndon Lodge at our first Stated in January.  Please join us in welcoming him.

 And Coming Soon …

In conformance with the Methodical Digest, sections 1.86 and 1.87, our District will make a recommendation to the Grand Lodge for the 2017 District Deputy Grand Master from District No. 4.  In line with the agreed upon process in District No. 4, a rotation system has been used for these nominations.  This year, the nomination for 2017 falls to Herndon Lodge.  The nomination and concurrence of other lodges within District No. 4 must be submitted to the Grand Lodge before May 1.  In order for our Lodge to make this nomination in a timely manner, we will make our selection for nomination at our first stated meeting in February.  I encourage all Master Masons of Herndon Lodge to review the qualifications for and duties of the District Deputy Grand Master contained in sections 1.87 and 1.93 of the Methodical Digest prior to our discussions and nomination.

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