Fall is finally upon us and this means it’s time for Past Masters night. Come on out to our First Stated meeting for a fun night of fellowship with our Past Masters. As a special treat, we will present a 50 year Masonic veterans pin and two 25 year pins. It’s not every day you see one of our own receive recognition of 50 years of service to the Craft. October will be yet another busy month in Herndon. On Wednesday night, 15 October, we will host the District 4 ritual class. This will be our DDGM’s last visit to our Lodge before he passes the mantle of DDGM over to Wor. Alan Wade at Grand Lodge. We also are looking at conferring several degrees this month. We should have several EA’s to be initiated, at least one Brother is ready for his EA catechism and passing to Fellowcraft and we have one Brother to raise to the sublime degree of Master Mason. This means there are lots of opportunities to learn new parts and help while we move these Brethren along on their Masonic journey. Also, our Eastern Star is celebrating their 100th anniversary this month. Congratulations ladies.


September saw the start of school for our kids/grandkids as well as some busy times in the Lodge. For our First Stated we held our annual Aloha Shirt night (that’s Hawaiian shirt for us mainlanders or so Bro. Burx tells me) which was well attended. During the month we raised two Brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason. And not to be outdone, we teamed with Acacia Lodge to exemplify the second section of the Master Mason degree at the Ed Ray school in Manasseh Lodge. I’d like to thank all the Brethren who helped out with this work and all of the extra hours they put into rehearsal.


Our Masonic year is winding to a close and November will have us holding our Warden’s night for a preview of next year’s work. We will also have the Grand Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge 5-9 November in Richmond. There are several resolutions to be voted on at this meeting. We will discuss them in our meetings in October and the First Stated in November. If any Brother has any comment they would like to make regarding these resolutions, come to Lodge and bring it up or contact either the Secretary or myself.


One of the best pieces of news we received in September was Brother Jacob Yates has safely returned home from a tour with the Us Navy in Afghanistan. Welcome home Brother and thanks to all of our Brothers who currently serve or who have served in our Nation’s armed forces.


Sincerely and Fraternally,

Tom Morrison, Worshipful Master




It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.

Bro. Benjamin Franklin

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