Well let’s hope spring decides to stay awhile..


March got off to a bang with a major snowstorm that caused us to delay our First Stated meeting from Monday to Friday. Even with the change of date and lingering effects of snow, we had a pretty good turn out. Our Second Stated meeting almost fell to the same fate. More snow fell. The Federal Government was closed, but the roads cleared and we not only had our meeting but also initiated a new Brother that night. As March rolled on, we went to the Sinclair Ritual School at Manassas. Our Lodge had the honor of exemplifying the EA degree on Friday night. When our team finished the degree, someone in the audience called out “What about the charge?” Brother Burx was up to the task, as usual, and did an excellent delivery. Another highlight of the night was our JW, Bro. Al Diplacedi, received his Warden’s certificate from RW Barry Constant. Congratulations Brother Al and I can now rest a little easier.  To finish out the month, we conferred a second EA degree. That makes four Brothers initiated so far this year. On another great note, the Jobies initiated four new girls into the Bethel. Congratulations.


April will once again be a busy month. On our first Stated, we will have a night dedicated to the Scottish Rite. RW Norm Hoff has arranged for a special guest speaker, Bro. Paul Evancoe, who is an author and a Navy SEAL in his past life.  Our Second Stated meeting will be for the York Rite with RW Don McAndrews as the guest speaker. For this meeting, let’s show our support and have all Royal Arch Masons come attired in their best red jackets. Last month, we started collecting to assist Kathleen Garcia, Miss Jobs Daughter for VA, in her fund raising to attend the Grand Session in Seattle this summer and represent not only VA but also Bethel 52 and Herndon Lodge. The Lodge will match all funds raised up to $500. Donations can be given to the Secretary, thru the website or in my hat on the altar at the end of each meeting.


Sincerely and Fraternally,


Tom Morrison, WM


No matter what your heartache may be, laughing helps you forget it for a few seconds.

– Bro. Red Skelton

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