With the proximity of the end of the year, I want to thank each of you for the collaboration and support received in every aspect during my term in the East, which enabled us to make important achievements.   I wanted this year to focus on being constructive, and it was very constructive.  We made several improvements to our infrastructure including new paint in the social hall, a new flat-screen TV, provision of Internet service, wi-fi, new furniture and new kitchen equipment.  We moved to electronic mailing and promoted the use of our website. We were constructive within our community too, with participation in Blood Drives, the CHIP program, the Herndon Festival and using the opportunity of the Grand Master’s visit to confer the Community Builder’s Award on two prominent citizens of Herndon.  We were constructive in our Masonic labors, promoting Masonic education through a diversity of programs by members of our Lodge and guest speakers.  We conducted plenty of degree work, raising 10 new Master Masons during this year.   We strengthened the Beehive Club, adjusting its structure and increasing its membership and participation. At Grand Lodge, we were selected to receive the Hillman Award in recognition of our labors.  All these accomplishments could not have materialized without your hard work and dedication.

I am sincerely thankful for the honor of allowing me to serve as your Worshipful Master during this constructive year.  There are too many Brothers to thank for their support and assistance, not only during this year but also in the years leading up to my term in the East, so in this page I can only mention a few.  My gratitude goes to Wor Rhey Solomon, for keeping our records and transactions in line as our secretary, and especially for mentoring me since the day of my Masonic investigation until now.  I also owe my ritual and Masonic education to WB Dick Walk, who patiently but firmly supported me in every step, all the way through.  My gratitude to RW Herb Hollander, RW Michael Pobat, RW Doug Jordan, RW WO Harrison, RW Norm Hoff, Wor Phil Brooks and Wor Varun Panchapakesan, who also have been constant pillars I was able to rely on.  And a sincere thank you to all my Officers and Committee Chairmen, who so diligently fulfilled their obligations and more, supporting the busy agenda we had and stepping up to serve in different capacities whenever the necessities so required.   With these hard-working Masons, Herndon Lodge has many good years to come.

Monday December 2nd will be election night and Saturday December 7th we will have installation of the new Officers for 2014.  We had a very constructive year but remember how our Masonic labor is often depicted as an unfinished pyramid, reminding us there is much more to build ahead.  Come and support your new Officers in 2014.  And thanks again for the honor and privilege to serve.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Mauricio Carrasco, WM

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