July is finally here, and the month begins with a tribute to our Independence Day on July 4th.  Hope everyone will enjoy the fireworks while remembering what the true essence of this holiday is about.

June was another fun and active month.  We conferred one FC degree, two EA degrees and raised one brother to the sublime degree of MM.  Congratulations to all the Officers and Brothers for their hard work on these.  Some have stepped up to learn and deliver new parts for the first time, and all these efforts paid off with the results we have seen, imparting lasting impressions to those who come in search of them.   Well done, brothers!  We also enjoyed fellowship, conducting two fraternal visits and traveling together to support three of our members when they presented programs at other nearby Lodges.   We all have to be very proud of brothers RW Rhey Solomon, RW Dick Walk and RW W.O. Harrison for these presentations and all the hard work they continuously do here and at other Lodges.

For our first stated communication in July, we have invited Bro Eric Jameson to deliver a program.   He recently returned from a mission in Afghanistan, where he had the chance to participate in Masonic labors with the troops and will share with us about their ritual, degree work, history and other aspects of interest in that jurisdiction.  I find it inspiring how these Brothers find ways to progress their Masonic labors while sustaining the ongoing fight for freedom.  It is truly remarkable.   Our second stated meeting will be on July 15th and we are going to receive the visit from our Grand Lodge Ambassador for the Masonic Home of Virginia, WB William J. Baumbach III, who will inform us about the latest developments of the Home and the many ways we can get involved and participate.  It will be another good night.

We have scheduled a special event for Friday July 26th, the last Friday of the month.  It will be “Bring a Friend Night” – a night when our Lodge will be open to any of our non-mason friends, who will be given the opportunity to tour our building, ask any questions they might have about Freemasonry and listen to a special presentation to be delivered by Worshipful Brother Rhey Solomon, explaining who we are and what we do.   This event will be open to friends and families, and we hope to have also participation from the other Masonic groups within the Herndon Masonic family, including the OES, Job’s Daughters and the Order of DeMolay.  Refreshments will be served after the program.   Every Brother is encouraged to bring one or more friends who might have been asking about Freemasonry, our Lodge and/or our youth groups, so they use this opportunity to learn more about us.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Mauricio Carrasco, WM

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