Time passes fast when one is having fun, and this certainly seems to be the case here at Herndon Lodge.
We are approaching June, almost the half of the year, and we can gladly see how our constructive actions are continuing to strengthen us day by day. During these first five months we enriched our education by listening to the presentation of 11 Masonic programs, while at the same time, we worked with our youngest Brothers, conferring 1 EA, 6 FC and 6 MM degrees.  We received the official visits of our Grand Master, our DDGM and conducted also several fraternal visits to our Brothers in nearby Lodges.    We have strengthened our already successful Beehive Club, with increased attendance and appearance of guest speakers.  And we continue to work hard, planning and preparing degrees for our youngest Brothers who are currently studying on their proficiency at various levels, preparing new education programs, and working with the community in events such as the recent Herndon Festival.   This shows the dedication and passion the Brothers at Herndon Lodge have for their Masonic labors, and I am very humbled by the opportunity and privilege of being a part of this.   Thank you, Brothers, and let’s keep up this fantastic work – we can construct wonderful contributions to ourselves and to society in general just by continuing to work this way.

At our first stated of June, we will have the presence of a prestigious guest speaker, in the person of our District Instructor of Work, RW Barry E. Constant, who will present us a program about our Ritual work.   Ritual is of the upmost importance for us at Herndon Lodge.   We have several candidates working on their degrees and 3 called meetings scheduled in June to confer them – check the calendar above.   There are always opportunities open for those of you who want to take part of the degree teams, but this requires preparation.  This is why it will be important to come and listen to what RW Constant has to say.

June arrives with its special Masonic significance. It is the month of the summer solstice.  It is also the month when we celebrate the day of St John the Baptist.  By history, custom and tradition, Freemasons have always paid tribute in June to the celebration of this special day.  If you want to learn more about the reasons behind this tradition, and why St John’s Day is so important, mark your calendar for the St John’s Day program we have scheduled for Monday June 17th, when our guest speaker, Wor. Roger Firestone from A. Douglas Smith Jr. Lodge of Research will be visiting us and presenting this program.

In sum, my Brothers, our constructive work at Herndon Lodge continues at full steam and there are plenty of opportunities in June for all of you to get involved and participate.  Let’s keep building up!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Mauricio Carrasco, WM

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