January was a great start of the year. We began our first stated communication with a program about stones, operative masonry and their links to philosophical lessons in our Ritual. It was great to see the fellowship that night, and how all our Brothers are geared towards a very constructive year. Our second stated meeting was oriented to our younger Masons, and the Beehive Club presented a very interesting program explaining all the different activities that are available to EAs, FCs and MMs in their organization. Five of our youngest Brothers were examined on their EA catechism that night, with impeccable deliveries that made their mentors and all of us proud. Congratulations to Brothers Dick Walk, Barron Bradford and Burx Norrod for the great preparation work they did.

On the administrative side, I was glad to see the support we received from our Brothers to move the Trestleboard to mostly electronic deliveries. After receiving and updating e-mail addresses from several Brothers, we managed to reduce the number of paper copies by about 50%. This will make a great difference in costs to our Lodge if we continue that way. Please keep the communications flowing and keep our Secretary informed of your latest contact information – we still can reduce more. We also worked on implementing several improvements and updates to our Lodge website, which now depicts more updated information tailored for prospective candidates who are looking to approach our West Gate, as well as interactive information suited for those more seasoned Master Masons who want more practical information about our upcoming activities. Thanks for all the support and hard work provided by our webmaster, Bro TC Conway, who dedicated many hours to implement these adjustments. Make sure you visit and utilize our website freely and frequently, at

In January we also experienced record low temperatures in our area, with thermometers marking single digits and snow eventually covered all our surroundings with its white blanket and the sudden calm that comes with it. I find it amazing how easy it is to ignore the cold when we are surrounded by beauty, and I am sure the landscapes around us covered in white had that effect on many of us. Even the beautiful facades of our temple at Elden Street acquired further distinction and beauty with the surroundings covered in white. White, as you know, has a lot of symbolic meaning for us in Masonry. Lecture tells us that it is an emblem of innocence, and it represents purity of our hearts and rectitude of conduct. Thus, to me there is nothing more beautiful, my Brothers, than seeing such an emblem of purity covering the place where we conduct our Labors.

February will be another busy month. In addition to our two stated communications, we have planned two fraternal visits: one to Manasseh Lodge #182 and another to Acacia Lodge #16.  We also will have degree practices and a called meeting to confer degrees. Check the dates in our calendar below and also in its electronic version on our website, which gets updated routinely.  Hope you come and support your Lodge in all these activities, if within the length of your cable tow.

Sincerely and Fraternally, Mauricio Carrasco, WM

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