Beehive Club Starts Meeting at 6:00pm from Monday Jan 21 onwards

Congratulations to Brother Burx Norrod on being elected as the President of the Beehive Club for 2013.  The club offers a great opportunity for continuing education and advancement in Masonry, demonstrated by the industry of its members.

Starting from this month, the Beehive Club has moved their meetings to the 3rd Mondays of each month, starting at 6:00pm.  All EAs, FCs and MMs are encouraged to attend .  The first meeting this year will take place on Monday 21st.  Keep up this great work!

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  1. robert.shields says:

    I’m looking forward to participating in future meetings. I’m very excited this is opened to all brothers, even if not a Master Mason! Sounds like a tremendous opportunity to learn more about Masonry before being fully ‘read-in’.

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