2013   “Masonry Always Constructive”

The theme for 2013 is “Masonry Always Constructive”.   Masonry and construction, similar and originally synonymous terms, are put together to remind us of our origins and our links to our ancient operative Brothers.  It is a year to remember we are all about building up, about putting things together. About being constructive in our daily actions towards society, mankind and ourselves. Actions and approaches we are so frequently reminded and instructed during our several lessons in ritual and in Masonic education, but that at times we may leave overlooked.

We are builders at heart, inherently inclined to constructive actions from the moment of our initiation, when we are taught to stand uprightly in the northeast corner of the Lodge, to the time when we reflect upon the depth of the words in our various obligations, and further beyond as we go through our personal Masonic journeys.   This year we will keep building up, in as many aspects as we can, and I am thankful for the strong foundations the past leaders of Herndon Lodge have laid for us.

We will be constructive in many aspects. Including this website, which as you can notice is currently experiencing significant updating.  Please be constructive in this as well, providing me and/or our webmaster with your constructive views and inputs.

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