April 2012

Greetings from the East. March was a relatively busy month for us. On our first stated we hosted our District Deputy Grand Master, RW Ralph W. Smith Jr. for his official visit. RW Smith elaborated on MW Ellison’s theme and goals for this masonic year. On our second stated, the program was on what we can safely say to a non-mason about masonry. This program was originally created by Wor. Edward Brabham Jr of Baker Lodge 441 in Monroe, LA. I modified this program with some of my own research as well as with a few thoughts taken from Dr. Joseph Fort Newton as presented in “The Builders”.

Another important announcement is that Herndon Lodge has been awarded National Mark Twain Masonic Awareness Award by Masonic Information Center (Twain Award). Total of 18 lodges nationwide were awarded this high honor for their excellence in programs and communications. We are very proud to be recipients of this great achievement. Only 2 out of 18 awardees are from Virginia (Fredericksburg Lodge #4 and Herndon Lodge #264). Congratulations to our immediate Past Master, Worshipful brother Phil Brooks, his officers and all of you for contributing in achieving this great recognition. On our first stated in April (April 2nd) our District Deputy Grand Master will present the award to the lodge. We were also recipients of Seymour Jonas Levy award and our DDGM will make appropriate presentation for that as well.

We also participated in Sinclair school. Although there was a little bit of confusion on the dates the school was going to be held, and lots of date conflicts, our Junior Warden, brother Tom Morrison managed, through some extra work and dedication to set up a cast we needed in order to perform in exemplification of ritual as assigned by school. Great work brother Tom.

On April 7th, we will have a called meeting for degree work. Please come and join us as we raise another brother to the sublime degree of master mason. That is always a special moment for a brother and I would like to invite you to share it with a new brother. Our work, however, does not end with the conferral of Master Mason Degree. In fact, that is where the work begins. As Master Masons, it is inherent that we take our young brethren and guide them, watch over them and instill in them the wisdom that we have gathered beneath the veil of our mysteries. It is our responsibility to create a lodge environment where Masonic education guides young Masons on the journey that leads to an upstanding life and towards the ultimate goal of enlightenment. It is our duty as Master Masons, to help others become good men and good Masons, as well as continuing to ensure that we each maintain the same standing that we expect of the new brothers.

Brethren, hopefully at some point during your Masonic life, you have personally experienced the fraternal bond, which is at the core of Freemasonry. Ideally you feel that bond in your daily life. At Sinclair school I had a chance to reflect upon this theme and what it meant to me. Many of you know that I was juggling quite a few things in my life (constant travelling, newborn child at home etc.) and as a result of my non- masonic commitments I have not had as many chances to see and socialize with our brethren from district. However, it never ceases to astound me how we can see each other so infrequently and yet pick up our friendship and brotherly love as if we had just left each other’s company just a few hours ago. The common bond we share through Masonry bridges any gaps that would normally exist between people. When I take time to contemplate on this it gives me the great pleasure to know that I am a part of this great fraternity.

Thank you all for all that you do for our lodge, and the fraternity. I am looking forward seeing you in April in lodge.

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