March 2012

February is behind us. We had a visit from Most Worshipful William Talbot Ellison, the Grand Master of Masons in Virginia on our first stated meeting. Thank you all very much for making that event a success. I would like to give special thanks to our stewards who went above and beyond the normal duties to facilitate and support this visit. Special thanks go to RW Michael Pobat and Brother Tom Morrison (our JW) for providing a great and inspirational program for that memorable night. Also, special thanks to Worshipful Barry Bartley for providing us a great program about Knights Templar on our second stated meeting. Most of you know that Worshipful Barry leads a committee that is trying to establish a new commandery in Herndon lodge. Although we all perceive and receive teachings of freemasonry individually, we are all brother masons and we are united around the same conceptual ideals and virtues

Each one of us might have a different definition of masonry. Most definitions stipulate that freemasonry is a fraternity devoted to high ideas and admirable benevolence with faith, hope and charity as principal methods of work.

For some of us the definition of masonry remains unchanged, for others it is one thing at the time something else at another time; still for some of us it is something totally different.

Masonry is a living, breathing organism. One which, when nurtured, will grow and provide us with light and truth on our masonic journey. Every one of us is entitled to his own path within masonry and it is our duty and commitment to help other brethren through brotherly love and affection.
Spring is approaching, and as we enter this season of renewal, both symbolic and physical, I ask you to ask yourselves what masonry means to you. Does it mean the same thing today as it did the first time you passed through the West gate? Have you grown through Masonry? We say that masonry makes good men better – do you count yourself among those men?

As spring awakens the old anew – take some time to reflect. If you are satisfied with what you see, than continue on the path you are travelling on. If you feel that something is not complete, stop and think. For as the seasons change, so can we. And if the change is needed, embrace it and become that great person you are destined to be, a brother master mason.

We will vote on the status of potential new commandery on our second stated meeting. We will not open floor for discussion during tiled meeting, but if anyone would like to offer an opinion and/or sentiment on this topic, please come to lodge an hour before the meeting for discussion will be held at social hall.

Thanks and I am looking forward to see you in lodge this month.

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