February 2012

January was very busy for our lodge. Our monthly accomplishments include:

  • 5 Blue Lodge Meetings
  • 2 stated meetings
    • On first I deliver my program about Freemasonry in Croatia
    • On Second our SW delivered program about freemasonry in Bolivia
  • 3 called meetings
    • We raised a new brother master mason – Jan 14th
    • We initiated a new EA – Jan 23rd
    • We passed a brother to a degree of FC – Jan 30
  • District School . We attended district school on Jan 18th
  • 1 Fraternal Visit – January 7th
  • Attended Masters and Wardens Breakfast on Jan 28th

Having in mind everything that was done this month I would like to offer sincere thanks to all of you that have gone out of your way to help us make all of this happen. I am extremely proud that our brethren are so enthusiastic and even during a busy month as this January was there was always enough brethren willing to participate in degree and/or other work. Thank you all who helped during a degree by occupying a chair, it is your dedication and willingness to help that motivates myself and other officers to do more for masonry. All of you are an inspiration to me and I hope we will remain as productive throughout the year.

On Jan 17th we had an initial meeting about forming a new Knights Templar Commandery in Northern Virginia. Wor Barry Bartley organized meeting and it was very well attended. During the course of he meeting, it was decided that new Commandery will meet in Herndon. I have asked Wor. Rhey Solomon to do a research on open calendar days so we could facilitate this meeting with little or no impact to anyone in lodge. It surely feels great to see so many masons with purpose and dedications.
February looks as busy. On the 6th we will host Grand Master of Masons in Virginia, M.W. Terry Ellison. Please come and join us. We expect full house and the more the brethren the merrier it will be.

Our next District School is on February 15th in Mannasseh #182. We are providing SW.

Finally let me express the special thanks to our JW – brother Tom for stepping up and picking up additional parts that require memorization (he knows what I am referring to) and to our stewards who are doing an absolute awesome job. I must say that we have the best stewards in our district and these guys deserve more kudos than I can give them. Thus, I ask you brethren to show your gratitude to brothers Howie Snowdon and Kennie Capps for everything they are doing for all of us.

Thanks and I am looking forward to see you in lodge this month.

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