Blood Drive-March 3


I had a conversation with the Inova Blood Donor coordinator on Thursday, during which she explained to me that in accordance with a new policy recently put in place, we must provide absolute written commitment on the part of 32 donors minimum in order to bring a Bloodmobile to our lodge for a blood drive.

In 2011, our lodge conducted 3 blood drives and although the participation in the first one on February 19th barely achieved the needed participation, the succeeding ones did not. On the July 23rd drive, Inova only received 23 donations and on October 15th only 17 were received.

We love to see “walk-ins” during our blood drives, but we cannot guarantee to Inova that there will BE walk-ins. Their fiscal requirements are such that they have to make receive a set number of donations in order to justify the expense in equipment and staffing and break even on the Bloodmobiles they send out.

Given these cold facts, I would like a show of “e-hands” letting me know if you will be able to donate in our upcoming March 3rd Blood Drive. These would include you, your family members, or friends who will definitely donate on that day.

Please email me if you can make such a commitment, and if you are brining family members or friends, how many.

If we cannot come up with the needed count of 32 donors, Inova cannot send the Bloodmobile out to us. They receive excellent participation when large organizations like the Washington Capitols, WTOP Radio, and the Washington Nationals sponsor drives, but small drives like ours cost them money if we cannot provide the return they need.

We have to be realistic about our support of the blood program. If we cannot turn out the donations for a blood drive, then we will have to turn our support to donations made at the donor centers in our region. Regular donors are the backbone of the blood program. If you can make regular donations a part of your routine (every 8 weeks for whole blood) you will be supporting one of the most worthy and necessary programs in our area. Also, your donations at the donor centers count in the quarterly totals we report to The Grand Lodge of Virginia.

 Please email me by March 16th if you can commit to donating blood on March 3rd.

Thanks for supporting your Lodge Blood Program!

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