Counting down to our Blood Drive

One week until our final blood drive of the year, and we still have a great need for volunteer donors for next Saturday, October 15th.

We are moving into fall, and we are beginning to see the change of season in the leaves and feel it in the crisp mornings. Please remember that we enjoy these because we have our health, and that there are those in our community who by reason of injury or devastating illness cannot look forward to fall or enjoy the wonder of the seasons.

We can help them by giving of ourselves by offering donations of a pint of blood. We help a victim of trauma, cancer, or other severely ill patients. They can be little children, expectant mothers; they can be the people you see each day.

It is so important that we support the ready blood supply. Only volunteer donors can do this. It is our duty to help where we can.

Please sign up to donate. If you can’t donate, please encourage family members and coworkers to come and donate. It is quick, only an hour or so out of your day, but it could mean a lifetime to someone.

You can visit and use sponsor code 7438 and make an appointment yourself, or you can call me at 703-655-4655 or email me at and I will make an appointment for you. If you aren’t sure you can donate and don’t want to register, please come to the Lodge and be a “walk-in” appointment!

Please come and donate blood next Saturday.

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