New Web Site

Hi Brethren.

First the good news: We have a shiny new web site. I do hope you enjoy it. Hopefully this is much easier to navigate and find the information you need.

Now the bad news: All of the web accounts had to be deleted, unfortunately. This really isn’t “bad news” per se, since there was nothing really you could do with your account…until now. ┬áIf you would like to post a comment, or even would like to write an article (or more), please create an account. Apologies in advance. I had no choice.

Lastly, if you see anything out of place or broken/missing, please let me know and I can get it fixed right away.


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  1. Bertrand Schreibstein says:

    Bro TC
    I like what you have done with wordpress. Has a very professional look. I have been considering creating a wordpress site for my photography. You seem to be a resource if I come up with issues. May I contact you for assistance if required?
    Bro Bert

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