September 2011

Brethren –

At the first stated in August the Brethren of Metropolitan 161 visited Herndon Lodge.  Wor Ben Jones provided light first by demonstrating how a Prince Hall Brother enters Lodge should he be tardy to Lodge.  Wor Jones further educated us with a very well received presentation regarding Prince Hall Masonry in general.   I hope that we can visit Metropolitan once they get their Lodge building back up and running.  At the second stated further light was brought to the Brethren as Bro Shan O’Meara made two short presentations.  His first covered Bro Buzz Aldrin and his accomplishments in space exploration.  The second, Bro Branch Ricky and his achievements in professional baseball.   Wor Varun Panchapakesan presented a paper on Masonry in India.   He highlighted several differences and similarities between Indian Lodges and Virginia Lodges.   My thanks to these Brothers for bringing further light to the Brethren of Herndon Lodge.

Bro SW Adi Karisik presented a short talk on Lodge officer roles and responsibilities.   He and Bro JW Mauricio Carrasco will host a short meeting prior to September’s first stated for anyone interested in pursuing opportunities within the Lodge.   Please make plans to attend to learn how you can assist your Lodge.

Bro TC Conway has put in a considerable amount of time and effort to refresh the Lodge web site.  The launch of the new site took place in August and it looks wonderful.   The Lodge web site is a good place to check in on upcoming events and news from the Lodge.  It also provides for chat and feedback on items of interest along with loads more space for photos.  Check it out:

The Herndon DeMolay Chapter returned from a successful Conclave with back to back Chapter of the year honors.  In a strong display of leadership from the Chapter, Herndon’s own Robert Marsters was elected to the office of State Master Councilor (SMC), Will Hamm was elected to be Deputy SMC, and Frank DeBendictics was elected to be Regional Master Councilor.  The guys also brought back a bevy of sports trophies.   The largest trophy they brought back from Conclave was for the Lodge itself.  Herndon Lodge was presented with the sponsoring body of the year award for our support of the Chapter.  Congratulations to the Chapter for their many accomplishments.

As September rolls in, the Brethren of Herndon Lodge will pickup activities and travels once again.  The first of the month is the Lodge on High Hill hosted by Treadwell Lodge at the Long Branch Estate.   If the weather is fair, it would be terrific to have a fraternal visit for this meeting.   On Labor Day, the first stated will be brief.   Prepare to be comfortable in your finest Hawaiian shirt.  The Brethren themselves will be the night’s program as the bulk of the evening will be spent in the Fellowship Hall playing board and card games.  This is an excellent opportunity to socialize with your Brethren.  On the 10th, RW Leroy Jackson will have the Brethren and families out to his home in Chantilly for the annual Lodge picnic.   If you can help with the picnic, please reach out to Bro SW Adi to let him know how you can assist.   In case of inclement weather, the picnic will move to the Lodge.  I am hoping to hear from the Friends Meeting House soon regarding their annual Bike Drive.   They postponed this item from July.  More information will be on the web site when it becomes available.   I look forward to seeing each of you at these upcoming events.

Brother, I, too own a television set, but that does not keep me home on Lodge night.  I have never yet had one of the characters on television come off the screen and shake my hand.  They have never offered me the warm friendship that my Lodge Brothers do.
They have never handed me a cup of coffee or a doughnut.  NO!  NEVER!  – Author Unknown

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