Lodge Picnic: We Need You

The picnic has moved to Herndon Lodge, same date and time.

We are only couple of weeks away from our Lodge Picnic. The picnic is set for September 10 at Bro Leroy Jackson’s house and although its a great event for all the brethren and families we need help to put it on.

We are in need of brothers who will help out with following:

  • Transportation (the brethren on this team should be able to load and transport tables, chairs etc.) from two locations: Lodge and Bro W.O.’s house and deliver the same to the Leroy’s. Also the items transported should be brought back after picnic completion.
  • Pickup food for picnic (I will purchase the food in advance and store it in lodge. I will work with Bro Greg to determine types and quantities).
  • Grills – We have 1 grill at the lodge – we could use another one.
  • Cooking (brother Greg icon top of this and if you want to help him in this task please contact him)
  • Setup and cleanup
  • Activities and games

Please, if within the length of your cable tow, let me know, no later than the 1st stated in September, which of aforementioned activities you can help with. These are all necessary for picnic to be properly set up.

Also, a quick reminder that myself and Bro Mauricio will hold a quick meeting with all those brethren that are interested in learning about being officers in lodge or becoming officers. This meeting will be before our next stated on September 5 at 6:30 pm in lodge. If you are interested and cannot make the date/time please email either one of us.


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