July 30th Blood Drive


We are moving into that part of the year where rest and relaxation becomes a focus of our attention. Planning vacations and anticipating the “away” time is almost as much fun as actually taking a well-earned rest. We love to take time off. And with the kind of economy we are in and the year we have had, we have more than earned it.

Accidents and illness never take time off though, and because of that there is always the need for a continuous supply of donated blood. Our local blood banks depend upon blood drives and volunteer donors to meet that need. When volunteers don’t come, the needs become critical very quickly. Locally, blood banks seldom have more than a single day’s supply on hand. In the event of a catastrophic accident, that supply would be quickly consumed.

Volunteer blood donors literally all that stand between life and death for accident victims, surgical cases, and people with people with blood diseases. Your donation may actually save a life in our community.

I am also hoping that you will consider becoming a regular blood donor, either whole blood or Automated Blood Collection (ABC) through INOVA I will have information available at the next blood drive.

Our next blood drive is coming up on July 30 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Once again we will be working with Ashburn-Sterling Lodge 288. I am hoping that you will consider signing up to donate with us on that day. You can make and appointment by going to www.inova.org/donateblood, click on Schedule an Appointment, and use sponsor code 7438. You can also email masonic264blooddrive@gmail.com and let me know you want an appointment!

Thank you for your supporting our blood drive.

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