August 2011

Brethren –

As the summer has heated up and family vacations have started to kick in, Herndon Lodge has eased back a little on the planned activities. We started the month at the Lodge stated on July 4th with a fantastic presentation by Wor Ralph Smith and the Heroes of ’76 regarding the use and purpose of flags in general and the Stars and Stripes in particular. This was in conjunction with a family cookout at the Lodge and was followed by a short walk over to the Town golf course for a terrific fireworks show. At our second stated, Bro Shan O’Meara provided a presentation on Bro Ty Cobb’s life and accomplishments. My thanks to these Brothers for bringing further enlightenment to Herndon Lodge.

Further light was made available to the Brethren as Herndon was host to both the District 4 School of Instruction and the Subordinate Lodge Officer Training (SLOT) session in July. Both education sessions were well attended and very useful to the Brethren of the Craft.

A series of small, but needed Temple renovations continued in July. Earlier this year the DeMolay planted a new tree at the Lodge for Arbor Day. All the outside wood of the Lodge was striped, sealed and repainted. There is a new rear storm door. The Fellowship Hall is now brighter as new energy efficient lights have been installed. The Bailey room has recently gotten a makeover with the subtraction of old furniture and the addition of new furniture thanks primarily to the efforts of Bro Joe Tamres and the DeMolay.

Speaking of additions, congratulations to Wor Varun Panchapakesan and family on the birth of his daughter (and future Jobie) Maya.

Heading into the backend of the year, the Lodge travels will again resume. On tap are tentative plans for family trips to Winchester Lodge, the George Washington Temple in Alexandria, and a local winery tour. The Lodge picnic is set for September 10 at RW Leroy Jackson’s house and is open to all groups that meet at the Herndon Temple. We’ll also look to resume fraternal visits to other Lodges both near and far.

There is one special event on the horizon in August. Saturday the 13th, Bethel 52 will hold a party to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Please stop in to say hello and share in the fun with the Bethel.

I hope to see you at one or all the Lodge events still to come this year. Keep tabs on the Lodge and its activities at
If you can help with an activity, are in need a ride or anything else please reach out and contact someone at the Lodge.

Our principles are the springs of our actions. Our actions, the springs of our happiness or misery.
Too much care, therefore, cannot be taken in forming our principles.
Red Skelton

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