May 2011

Herndon Lodge Brethren provided the light for the month of April. Wor Bill Rennagel made a return to Herndon Lodge for the first stated with a program regarding Speculations on Freemasonry that postulated possibilities for the origins of Freemasonry. At the second stated, Bro Farley Warner presented a well written offering outlining what the Herndon Beehive Club offers and why the Brethren should consider participating in the Beehive. And with Herndon Lodge taking on the mantle of a Moon Lodge for the night, Wor Dick Walk presented a well received paper about Moon Lodges and information regarding the Lodge on the moon. Thank you Brothers for bringing further light to Herndon Lodge.

Other April events at Herndon Lodge included our first movie night and a called communication to initiate two new Brothers on their Masonic journey. Brother Russell Vane was re-instated to the Lodge. Welcome back Brother Vane. And to celebrate Arbor Day, the DeMolay planted a new tree in the Lodge’s front lawn.

In May, the Brethren will again pick up their traveling aprons and strike out from the Lodge. RW Lauris Eek will present at our first stated to help prepare us for the Gettysburg Battlefield tour to be conducted by Brother Sheldon Munn. The following week the Herndon Brethren will embark on a fraternal visit to Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4 and that same week the Grand Master’s open visit to District 4 will be held at Henry Lodge in the form of a picnic open to the entire Masonic Family. At our second stated, Wor FJ Pepper is slated to be on hand to discuss his work setting up a Lodge while in Vietnam. I hope that you will join us for one if not all of these events.

Other notes…
We are working to make electronic payments to the Lodge a reality. In the coming month we should have a PayPal account up and active for the Brethren’s use.
The Nationals’ – the Challenger team the Lodge sponsors – schedule is posted on the Lodge website. Come out to cheer on the kids!
The Herndon Festival will be held the first weekend in June. Bro Tagg will be looking for help in the CHIP tent and Bro Schultze will need lots of help with other festival needs. Please contact Bro Tagg and Schultze directly to assist with these community focused activities.
On the third Sunday in July, the Lodge will be assisting the Friends Meeting with their annual bike collection. If you have an old bike taking up space, this will be a good time to make a donation.

The Lodge’s second Blood Drive of the year will be on July 23. Contact Bro Martin to schedule your appointment time.

There are a lot of wonderful things happening at Herndon Lodge. Step forward for your opportunity to take an active part.

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