June 2011

Brethren –

Administrative notes… Some have not yet remitted their 2011 dues. Please get your check in the mail today to cover this obligation. Another method would be to visit the Lodge webpage. The webpage now has a “Donate” button on the right side. The total for remitting dues this way would be $105 to cover the PayPal fees.  Also, the Lodge is need of some minor work to keep everything in working order. If you can help, please contact me.

At our first stated, RW Lauris Eek presented a program covering the Battle of Gettysburg. This laid the foundation for a fantastic trip enjoyed by the Brethren, friends, and guests as we took a tour bus to Gettysburg. We were joined along the way by riders from Widow’s Son Lodge. The tour started at the new Battlefield Museum that includes a restored cyclorama. This painting was originally completed in 1884. From there, fellowship was further enjoyed at a lunch buffet. Next, we were off to the Battlefield itself. Bro Sheldon Munn provided insights about the battle and the various monuments placed along the route. We ended our tour at the Gettysburg National Cemetery where Bro Ira Dreyfus offered a wonderful rendition of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and a wreath was laid at the Masonic Friend to Friend Memorial. There are a bevy of photos from the trip posted on the Lodge webpage. A special thanks to Bro Bob Tagg. His hard work made the trip possible.
At our second stated, Wor FJ Pepper discussed his stint in Vietnam as medical doctor. His time there included helping to setup a Square and Compasses Club for the Masons in country. He further discussed various Masonic locations he visited while in the service. Many thanks to both RW Eek and Wor Pepper for enlightening our Lodge.

Before we reach our first meeting in June, the Brethren will be at the Herndon Festival supporting the CHIP program and the fireworks for this event. If you can help, please contact Bro Schultze. Stop by to visit our tent at the Festival on Saturday the 4th. The bulk of June’s first stated will be conducted in the Fellowship Hall. A variety of Masonic organizations will be on hand to educate us on what each has to offer. These presentations are open to all. Bring a friend who might have interest in the Fraternity. Start time will be at 6:30p. Another family activity is the Masonic Night at the Potomac Nationals. Tickets are $8 with ½ the total collect going to the Masonic Home. Come out and enjoy the game.

There will be a special called meeting in June as well. Herndon has been granted dispensation by both the Grand Lodge of Virginia and Pennsylvania to conduct a Master Mason’s Degree at the GL Temple in Philadelphia. Preceding the degree work will be a tour of the Temple and lunch. The Wardens are putting together the cast for the degree. Further details are on the Lodge webpage. Should you have any questions please contact me or the Wardens. Looking to have a large crowd for this degree!

There are a lot of wonderful things happening at Herndon Lodge. Step forward for your opportunity to take an active part.

60 years ago on June 14, 1951, UNIVAC, the first commercially successful computer gets an initial public workout in Philadelphia. UNIVAC is 14 ½ feet long and 8 feet high. It was bought by the Census Bureau and was able to produce demographic data at 120 facts per second.

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