March 2011

The Brethren of Herndon Lodge certainly have been active! By the close of the month, the Brethren attended 11 fraternal visits (including 2 in one night), conferred 2 degrees, attended the institution of the new Potomac Royal Arch Chapter, and held a successful Blood Drive. Thank you to all the Brothers that made the many items in February a success – in particular to Bro Rob Martin for his coordination and efforts on behalf of the Blood Drive. The 2 degrees werehighlighted by the first presentations in Lodge of the SD lecture by Bro Jon Bergner and the MM lecture by Bro Bennett Corrado. The pace going forward doesn’t slow down much as we prepare to host the CA Sinclair School of Instruction and welcome Grand Master John Chambliss to District 4 at the stated meeting for Mt Carmel.

At a called communication, Herndon Lodge raised our newest Master Mason – Brother Ray Mauk. Welcome to the Craft Brother Ray. At our first stated, Brother Jon Ruark presented a lively collection of Masonic references in popular media. At the second stated, RW Luis Pages presented an insightful look into Masonry in Cuba. My thanks to both of these brothers for bringing more light to Masonry.

As a reminder- the March second stated will start at 7pm. PJ Shuey, the DeMolay State Master Councilor, will present the “Ceremony of Light” for the Lodge in recognition of DeMolay week. This presentation will be open to the public. Afterwards, a Master Mason degree will be conferred.

It is a personal goal to have as many of you as possible involved in activities this year. Contact myself or another Lodge officer to let us know you want to participate. In March we could use help at the CHIP activity at the Reston YMCA. In June we’ll need help with the Herndon Festival. Attend a meeting or one of the special events. If you need a ride, just let us know and we’ll get you there!

Administrative notes… There are a few seats remaining for the trip to Gettysburg – details on how to reserve your seat on the bus. The Lodge is in need of some upkeep and repairs. The best help would be with your time and hands. But, if that is not an option, please consider making a donation to the Lodge Building Fund so that we may care for our Lodge building.

Sincerely and Fraternally, Philip Brooks, WM

Are you an active member,
A cooperative pal,
Or are you just contented
To come once in a while?
Do you attend the meetings
And mingle with the flock;
Or do you always stay at home
And criticise and knock?
Do you take an active part
To help the work along,
Or are you satisfied to be
The kind that just belongs?
Do you help your fellow members
To draft things out and plan,
Or leave the work to just a few
Who do the best they can?
Why not attend the meetings often
And help with hand and heart,
And not be just a member
But take an active part?
Just think this problem over,
You know the right from wrong;
Are you an active member
Or do you just belong?

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