Emergency Nationwide Appeal for Blood Donors

THIS TERRIBLE WINTER has created a blood shortage so deep that the American Red Cross has had to issue an emergency nationwide appeal for blood donations. This has  not happened since 2004.

Because of the intense winter storms, more than 14,000 blood and platelet donations have been cancelled in last month. Even though several blood banks operate in our region, and many serve others regions throughout the country, all blood donated, regardless of where it was donated, is sent where the needs are. What is needed right now is a response to this crisis, as the winter continues.

We as Masons can help alleviate this extreme situation, and encourage our families and friends to help too, by signing up and planning to donate in our next Blood Drive, which is scheduled for February 19 from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.

At present we have many open appointment slots. We really need your help in making this blood drive a success, and to help meet this looming crisis.

Please consider donation on February 19th?

You can make your own appointment by going to: http://www.inova.org/donateblood and using Sponsor Code 7438. You can also call me at 703-655-4655, or email me and I will make the appointment for you.

Remember: only 38% of the population of this country are eligible to donate blood, and of that pool, only 5% actually do. And every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.

It is really up to us. Please sign up and donate on February 19th.

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