Blood Drive: February 19th 2011

Please mark your calendars for February 19 when we have the Inova Bloodmobile at the Herndon Lodge from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.

We will be co-hosting our blood drives this year with our Brethren from Ashburn-Sterling 288, and hope to fill up the appointment slots as quickly as possible.

Walk-ins are also welcome, as always! It has been our experience that there are always some who are not sure whether or not they will be available to donate on Blood Drive Day, and so don’t want to schedule an appointment they have to miss. We understand, and are assured by the Inova Bloodmobile folks that as long as we have donors, they will stay on-site and they will not turn anyone away!

On November 13, we had 38 registered donors, which is an excellent turnout. We are always hoping to be our previous numbers, so please consider signing-up or walking in, and encourage family members and friends to come along and donate, too!

These blood drives are an excellent way to perform a wonderful service to our lodge and to our community. Giving blood is a generous, selfless, and beneficial thing to do, and will help to ensure that an adequate supply of blood is available for the victims of accidents, patients needing to undergo lifesaving operations, and patients of all ages who depend on transfusion to survive. Donating is safe and quick, and the gift of blood helps your community and your neighbors.

Visit, click on “Schedule an Appointment” and use sponsor 7438. You can also call me for an appointment at 703-655-4655, or email me at

Please help us make this next blood drive the success it should be! Lives in our community depend on it.

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