October was another productive month for Masonry. I would like to again recognize every Past Master for their leadership, dedication, and contribution to Freemasonry. Many thanks to WB Solomon for a very entertaining program on leadership at our Past Masters Night. I would also like to extend my special appreciation to RWB Harrison for a very informative program on Founders Day at our Second Stated Communication in October. Many thanks to the brethren and their families for attending the District 4 Picnic. Lastly, I would like to congratulate the brethren who were raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason and kudos to our cast for putting on a wonderful conferral!

The First Stated Communication on November 1 is our “Wardens Night”. Bro. Brooks and Bro. Karisik will take the East/West Stations respectively and showcase their upcoming years. It should be a very exciting evening and I would strongly encourage each of you to attend. The 2011 Grand Annual Communication is scheduled from November 3-6 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, 6624 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230. Degree practice is scheduled for November 11 at 6pm. Our Lodge will host its quarterly Blood Drive on November 13 starting at 8am. Please donate the greatest gift of life if possible. We will conduct Degree Work at our Second Stated Communication on November 15. Please attend this event to show your support for our candidates. We will host the last District 4 Ritual School of this year on November 17 and provide the WM. A second Degree practice session will be held on November 18 at 6pm followed by the Beehive club meeting at 7:30pm. A Called Communication for Degree Work is scheduled for November 22 at 7pm. The Officers Meeting will be on November 30 at 7pm.

Finally Brethren, December is a very important month with the election of our 2011 Lodge Officers on December 6 and installation on December 11.

Masonic birthdays this month:

Alexander, Kevin R.
Alexander, Wade W.
Carrasco, Mauricio
Colin, Richard D.
Dreyfuss, Ira J.
Friend, Jay A.
Groves II, Timothy S.
Groves, Timothy S.
Hawkins, Alfred
Nov 6, 1993
Nov 19, 2001
Nov 12, 2005
Nov 21, 1966
Nov 27, 2006
Nov 6, 1993
Nov 14, 1992
Nov 3, 1999
Nov 17, 1958
Hines, Donald G.
Hollander, Marc S.
Karisik, Ademir
Powers, Jeffrey A.
Robertson, Sidney
Robillard, Robert
Schofield, Frank J.
Taylor Jr., John
Umphrey, Daniel K.
Nov 26, 2007
Nov 29, 1999
Nov 20, 2006
Nov 26, 2007
Nov 6, 1961
Nov 29, 2005
Nov 3, 1999
Nov 5, 1984
Nov 19, 1990

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