Greetings Brethren! September was good month for Masonry. Kudos to all the members of our Beehive Masonic Research Body for presenting a wonderful program at the First Stated Communication in September. We made a fantastic fraternal visit to Prince Hall’s Metropolitan Lodge #161. It was a pleasure to see their ritual done so well and I would like thank the brethren who attended that evening. I would also like to extend my special appreciation to WB Pobat and Bro. Brooks for a stellar program on Commander William Herndon at our Second Stated Communication. A job very well done indeed! Many thanks to the brethren who attended the Ed Ray School. Lastly, I would like to congratulate our candidates for receiving their degrees and kudos to the cast for putting on a good show!

We kick-off the month of October with our District 4 Picnic held at a Red Barn behind Acacia Lodge in Clifton. (Note: This has been cancelled.) There will be a live band, lots of great food, a bonfire, and above all an excellent opportunity to socialize with our brethren and their families. The First Stated Communication on October 4 is dedicated to our Past Masters and their contribution to Freemasonry. I would like each of the Past Masters to take a few minutes and highlight their time in the East. The Masonic Family Day parade is scheduled for October 9 in the Richmond area starting at 9am. We will make a fraternal visit to Henry Lodge No. 57 on October 12 at 7:30pm. At our Second Stated Communication on October 18 we will have a Founders Day Program to honor the founding fathers of our Grand Lodge and special note given to the brethren who established the MAHOVA. District 4 Ritual School is on October 20 at Manasseh Lodge and we provide the SW. Degree practice is on October 21 at 6pm followed by the Beehive club meeting at 7:30pm. We will have two Called Communications for Degree Work on October 23 at 9am and October 25 at 7pm. The Officers Meeting will be on October 28 at 7pm.

Finally Brethren, November is another exciting month with our Wardens Night on the 1st, Grand Lodge Communication from 3rd-6th, and Blood Drive on the 13th.


Masonic Birthdays in October

Brooks, Todd M.
Brunkhart, Gerald
Bullock, Walter
Champ, Anthony
Chisena, Michael F.
Dixon Jr., Charles E.
Domingo, Richard
Elza, Samuel
Escano, Ferdinand A.
Oct 4, 2008
Oct 19, 1970
Oct 31, 1986
Oct 4, 2008
Oct 18, 1999
Oct 1, 2001
Oct 21, 2004
Oct 21, 1977
Oct 30, 1995
Escano, Gerardo A.
Harrison, David A.
Harrison, Walter O.
Munson, William
Pobat, Michael J.
Simpson, Jr.James E.
Smith, George R.
Van Doorn, Arlan
Oct 30, 1995
Oct 3, 2005
Oct 9, 1951
Oct 10, 1994
Oct 15, 1990
Oct 24, 2005
Oct 20, 1958
Oct 4, 1976

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