August was a busy month. It was an honor to have Worshipful S. Brent Morris (33° G.C. and author of “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Freemasonry”) present a very interesting program on Freemasonry. I would like to thank WB Walk in coordinating this event and Bro. Brooks for taking the lead on the Community Builders Award presentation. I want to recognize Bro. Martin and Bro. Tagg for their dedication in chairing the blood drive and child ID events. I would also like to thank the District 4 Committee Chairs for Lodge Services, Blood, and MAHOVA for their presentations at our Second Stated. Lastly, my hearty congratulations to our candidates for receiving their degrees and kudos to our cast for putting on a great conferral.

September is another busy month. Our First Stated Communication on September 6 is “Beehive Recognition Night”. Members of our Beehive Masonic Research Body will present a program open to EAs, FCs, and MMs. Dress code for that evening will be business casual. We will make a fraternal visit to Prince Hall’s Metropolitan Lodge #161 on September 14 at 7pm. They meet at Olive Branch Lodge #114 in Leesburg, VA. A District 4 Education Class will be held on September 15 in Haymarket Lodge #313 open to all EAs, FCs, and MMs. Degree practice is on September 16 at 6pm in preparation for a Called Communication for Degree Work on September 18 at 9am. We have another surprise program planned at our Second Stated Communication on September 20 and I highly encourage all MMs to attend. Another Degree practice session will be held on September 23 at 6pm followed by the Beehive Club meeting at 7:30pm. Ed Ray School will be held on September 24/25 in Henry Lodge starting at 7:30pm (dinner at 6:30pm) and 9am respectively. A second Called Communication for Degree Work is scheduled for September 27 at 7pm. The Officers Meeting is on September 30 at 6pm followed by a “Bring a Friend Night” program by MW Edmund Cohen at 7pm. Just a reminder for our brother officers that will be switching back to black tuxedos on September 16 (and all others jacket/tie).

Finally Brethren, October should be another exciting month with Past Masters Night on the 4th, MAHOVA Family Day on the 9th and our Lodge Picnic on the 16th.

Masonic Birthdays in September

Dietzelx, James F.
Fallin, Jr. George W.
Hendrickson, Robert
Hoff, Jr. Norman L.
Holt, Robert E.
Holthausen, Ernie A.
Marriott, Marc S.
Martinka, Michael E.
Sep 22, 2005
Sep 9, 1991
Sep 13, 2008
Sep 18, 1989
Sep 9, 1995
Sep 18, 1993
Sep 16, 2002
Sep 15, 2003
  Mullen, Darby R.
Newman, David
Newman, Michael
Owen, Philemon S.
Ridings, Albert
Solomon, Rhey M.
Tagg, Robert
Sep 22, 2003
Sep 13, 2008
Sep 13, 2008
Sep 28, 2009
Sep 20, 1965
Sep 14, 1998
Sep 28, 2009

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