We honored WB Hollander with a 50 year Masonic pin presentation at our first Stated Communication and our DIW RWB Ray presented a program on Masonic Symbols the same night. At our second Stated Communication the GM of Masons in VA MW William Earle Rorer, Jr. made his official visit and our Deacons presented a great program on the Masonic Rods & Staffs. Many thanks to WB Pobat & WB Walk for compeering this program. I also want to thank Bro. Art Wood for presenting MWB Rorer with a Lodge donation to the MAHOVA. Lastly my hearty congratulations to our newest Master Masons for receiving their degrees and kudos to our cast for putting on a great show!

May is another busy month. We have a surprise program planned at our First Stated Communication on May 3 and I highly encourage all MMs to attend. It should be real fun! We will make a Fraternal Visit to Acacia Lodge No. 16 on May 6. The GM of Masons in VA MW William Earle Rorer, Jr. will make his Official Visit to Henry Lodge No. 57 on May 11. Degree practice is on May 13 at 6:30PM in our Lodge and the Beehive Club will meet at 7:30PM the same evening. Two Called Communications for Degree Work are scheduled for May 15 at 9:00AM and May 24 at 7:00PM. Our Second Stated Communication on May 17 is a “Shrine Night” and members of the Kena Shrine will present a program that evening. The District 4 Ritual School is on May 19 at Hay Market Lodge No. 313 and Herndon is not obligated to fill a spot. The Officers Meeting is on May 27 at 7:00PM in our Lodge.

Finally Brethren, “Ladies Night” is scheduled for June 7 in Herndon Lodge with dinner starting at 6:30PM and a special program at 7:30PM.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Bro Varun Panchapakesan, WM

Masonic Birthdays in May

Albrite Claude H. 5/17/1948
Bartley, James B. 5/25/1976
Calonge, Gene 5/9/1994
Corrado, Bennett 5/16/2009
Coutant, Ryan J. 5/17/2003
Head, Ralph 5/21/1957
Houser, Jr.Raymond F. 5/19/1975
Jenkins, Gerald D. 5/21/1990
Malkin, Larry 5/7/1957
Mohammad, Ramin 5/16/2009
O'Meara Shan 5/17/2008
Selander, John 5/17/2008
Selby, Harold E. 5/19/1992
Stewart, William 5/17/2008
Williams, Russell L. 5/26/1994
Yates, Jacob N. 5/22/2006

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