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125th Anniversary of The Masonic Home of Virginia

Brother Ambassadors,

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that this year is the 125th Anniversary of the Masonic Home of Virginia!
Let us all remember to share this, with our lodges, and appendant body memberships!
Kindly encourage them to donate $125 to honor and support the 125th Anniversary of The Masonic Home of Virginia. Donations can even be directed to the Outreach Program if desired.
The 125th Anniversary Award is a perfect opportunity to get appendant bodies involved in supporting the home, with a lump sum credit for the group.
Please discuss the 125th Anniversary, making a $125 donation, and earning the 125th Anniversary Award, with the Valleys, Chapters, Commanderies, Courts, Teocallis, Temples, Clubs, Units, and other Masonic groups you may be part of, encouraging their support.
Thanks for all you do….Together we are making a difference!
Committee On Masonic Home Ambassadors
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July Trestleboard

Greetings Brethren …

As I missed a June Trestleboard, let’s catch up …

Welcome Bro Reggie Briscoe, our newest Master Mason, raised at our second stated in May.  Welcome to our two newest Entered Apprentices Sajjid Rauf and Mike Connoly initiated at our second Stated Meeting in June. Members of Herndon Lodge, Freedom, Lodge, and Hamilton-Thompson Lodge went out to Olive Branch Lodge in June to help raise two Brothers to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

The Lodge wished a Happy 90th birthday to RW Walter Harrison at our second stated in June, complete with cake and ice cream.  WB Tom Morisson was in attendance at our First Stated in May and was presented with his Past Master’s Apron by the Lodge, and a case to carry it in by his Wardens.  Brothers Tom and Burx presented perspectives on York and Scottish Rite Masonry – spawning some interesting and entertaining discussions.

Coming this Month …

  • First Stated Meeting in July – We’ll celebrate Independence Day at our First Stated in July with some patriotic presentations, and a little singing. Leave your suits at home that night and wear your favorite Hawaiian/Aloha/Really-comfortable shirt to Lodge
  • Second Stated Meeting FellowCraft Degree
  • District School at Herndon Lodge – Wednesday, 15 July starting at 7pm. School will be reviewing the FelloCraft degree and will allow FellowCrafts to participate. The school will open on the MM degree, call down, and invite FCs to join us.
  • Beehive Club – Monday 20 July at 6pm – will be discussing the various points of the Catechism with a history of it’s ritual, Bible verse, tools, burning tapers, obligation, and indepth explanation of the modes of recognition. The club attendee will walk away with a greater understanding and appreciation of what it is an Entered Apprentice is taught throughout this Catechism, open to all degrees.

 And Coming Soon …

  • Reid Simmons Academy 30 July – 01 Aug, Best Western, Waynesboro VA.
  • GMOV Official visit to Districts 2, 3, & $, Saturday 08 August. Tickets are available for $20.
  • Ed Ray Area Ritual School – 18 & 19 September – Herndon Lodge and Acacia Lodge will be teaming to exemplify the Second Section of the MM Degree. Please contact our Junior Warden ( if you are available to assist … or are interested in learning a part.
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May Trestleboard

Greetings Brethren …

At our first Stared Meeting on 06 April, we welcomed Worshipful Jim Kraut, District education Officer, and Worshipful Scott Springer, District Instructor of Work, for their visits to Herndon Lodge.  WB Springer discussed with the Lodge whether the Ritual should be written down.  Don’t worry … the Grand Lodge isn’t planning any changes … but WB Springer engaged us in an interesting debate.  We also initiated two new Entered Apprentices at our Second Stated meeting.

On 02 May, Herndon Lodge co-Hosted a Masonic Festive Board with Freedom 118 and A. Douglas Smith 1949.  A Masonic Festive Board harkens back to a time when Lodges met in taverns or public houses.  A hearty meal, spirits, and songs enhanced the fellowship of the afternoon.  Brother David Gardiner traveled up from Williamsburg to provide us with a program on the history of music at Masonic meetings, and to lead us in several entertaining … um … fellowship songs.  Brother Scott Warner, a Fellow Craft at Olive Branch, providing a great meal and appropriate spirits.  Proceeds from the Festive Board are being donated to the Freedom Building Fund.

Looking ahead, we will be raising a Master Mason at our Second Stated meeting in May.  Please contact our Junior Warden ( if you are available to assist … or are interested in learning a part.

Coming this Month …

First Stated Meeting in May – York Rite & Scottish Rite night. Program presented jointly by Bro Burx Norrod (Scottish Rite Rep), and WB Tom Morisson (York Rite Rep).

  • Second Stated Meeting Master Mason Degree, 19 May. Practices – Friday May 8th and Friday May 15th @ 6:30PM
  • Called Meeting for an EA Degree – Monday, May 25th (yes, we know it’s Memorial day). EA Practice – Thursday, May 21st @ 6:30PM
  • The British are coming to Manassas. No, I’m not confusing my American history.  Members of the English Masonic Demonstration Team will be demonstrating their versions of the Second and Third degrees at Manasseh Lodge.  All Master Masons are welcome to attend.
    • Second Degree: Monday 4th May 2015 at Dine 6.15p.m, Work 7.30pm.
    • Third Degree:  Friday 8th May 2015 at Dine 6.30 pm and Work 7.30pm.
  • Beehive Club – Monday 19 April at 6pm – Brother Jim Dietzel will make a presentation entitled: Recovering the Ancient Wisdom: A Radical Reinterpretation of Masonic Ritual. His presentations are always pretty deep & thought inspiring, so should be yet another good one.

 And Coming Soon …

  •  First Stated Meeting in June – Sts John presentation by the Beehive Club
  • Herndon Festival – Herndon Lodge will again be supporting the Herndon Festival Thursday, May 28 through Sunday, May 31, by providing a Child ID Booth and Marshalling the Fireworks displays. Bro Jim Butts has again volunteered to organize our participation (Thanks Jim).  Sign-up sheets will be circulating, but you can secure your spot by contacting Bro Jim
  • 15 July, District School at Herndon Lodge
  • GMOV Official visit to Districts 2, 3, & $, Saturday 08 August. Tickets are available for $20.
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